I am trying to access multilist field values in Visual studio ascx page using <asp:Repeater> web control. But i am not able to fetch the values from Sitecore. Which Sitecore webcontrol should we use to fetch multilist field values in repeater?

<sc:Image Field="Carousel Image" Item="<%# Container.DataItem %>" runat="server" />
<h1><sc:Text Field="Carousel Text" Item="<%# Container.DataItem %>" runat="server"/></h1>

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You can use sc:Image and sc:Text in the repeater but you need to bind it to the list of items that are selected in the multilist field. A multilist field will have a (piped) list of guids as raw value, and you can get the items with the Sitecore API if you cast the field to a MultilistField:

var multilistfield = (MultilistField)field;
var items = multilistfield.GetItems();
repeater.DataSource = items;

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