I did install the Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.2 locally, without any issues. After installation, I did clean up the databases, rebuilt link databases, rebuilt the indexes and republished the site. I can log in to Sitecore Client, access Business Tools and view the default home page.

However, when I navigate to "https://sxa.storefront.com/" I'm getting an error.
"Illegal recursion detected: GetModel"

Note: Previously, I did install Sitecore Commerce 9.2 and did not get this issue.

Below is an image.

enter image description here

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This issue was strange, previously I did setup several times Sitecore Commerce Engine 9.2 locally and I did not get this issue. After, cleaning up the previous versions and reinstalling a new Sitecore Commerce Engine 9.2 I did get this issue.

However, it was a known issue that Sitecore provided a patch.

Download the package, unzip, copy config file and dll to your project. Restart Sitecore and sxa storefront. It should work.

Patch: Sitecore.Support.247244

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