We want to use Sitecore JSS (ReactBased) Framework with Sitecore 9.2 (Integrated mode).

We will have 3 sites that are almost the same but they have their differences in components and content (they will have different domains name too).

So basically, we want to know which is the best approach to have this scenario set up with react JSS solution.

Do we have to make 3 apps with a lot of duplicate code or it is an easier way to do it?

  • All JSS sites can use the same app. – Jan Bluemink Sep 25 '19 at 14:09

Yes it is feasible to use 1 JSS App to serve multi-site but requires custom implementation.

  1. You need custom code to resolve the site as the layoutServiceHost will point to 1 domain.

  2. You may need to update the site start path to the /sitecore/content and from there you'll need to resolve for the site.

I've talked with Sitecore Experts via Support ticket and Sitecore Slack Channel about this and the best and recommended approach is to use Sitecore 9.2 with JSS 12 and SXA 1.9

SXA 1.9 has the capabilities of managing different JSS App but also allow you to configure multiple sites with a single JSS App. Here is a link about my journey of migrating from JSS to SXA JSS.

On SXA 1.9, the settings item allows you to configure on which app you want to point the JSS App. More information can be found at the SXA Documentation - Managing JSS App

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  • Thanks! We will try this approach for the moment to see how it will work. – Cristian Carazsan Sep 26 '19 at 11:34

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