Sitecore version: 9.0.2

What I am trying to do:

I have created a template. In one of the fields, I need to have my data type as 'TreeList'/ 'TreelistEx'. 'TreelistEx' is preferred.

The functionality is working fine till the time I am using just the start path, something like

query:/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions

The moment I try to use the parameters as provided here https://getfishtank.ca/blog/treelist-data-source-hidden-functionality my start items shifts to the root item 'Sitecore'.

I tried using all lower caps in the name. But couldn't crack it.

Few examples which I tried:

  • query:/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions&excludetemplatesfordisplay=Category Folder,Product Folder

  • query:/sitecore/content/Global
    Repository/Regions&excludetemplatesfordisplay=category folder,product folder

  • query:/sitecore/content/Global

  • query:/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions&Excludetemplatesfordisplay=country

What I am missing?

  • Did you try datasource=/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions&... instead of query:/.... ?
    – Gatogordo
    Sep 27, 2019 at 14:09

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You have to use either datasource= (and not a query). Or a query:. You can't mix them. You can't mix additional parameters when using query:.

Unfortunately, as the code is currently implemented, you cannot specify both a query AND parameters to restrict the items.

Source: Specifying query and parameters for Sitecore Treelist Field Source

For your use case however, using datasource= will be just fine. You're not actually doing any querying.

  • Thanks for the prompt help. Sep 28, 2019 at 13:48

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