The goal is to create a new section in the toolbox. I created a new Available Renderings item called Custom, and I've added two new renderings, News and Author. When I go to the toolbox instead of one new section called Custom with two renderings in it, I get two new sections, named News and Author, each with one rendering of the same name in it. Any ideas?

  • I could not get this to work on SXA, even just getting the toolbox section only did not work for me.
    – Manoj Shah
    Commented Jul 18, 2017 at 23:28
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Toolbox displays renderings in a way how they are organised in Renderings content tree.

Available Renderings plays a role of filter only. Those items define which renderings should be added to a toolbox but do not define a way how they are organised.

In your case you've got one of your renderings under Renderings/../News folder and one under Renderings/../Author

See how all other renderings are organised into folder categories under renderings enter image description here

All sections in the toolbox are sorted alphabetically then.

How to add a new section in SxA toolbox

To summarise and make things easier for others, here are steps that you need to perform if you want to add an extra section into Toolbox.

  1. Create a folder with Section name and put your renderings there. enter image description here
  2. Add New Available Renderings item and assign your renderings to it (you can use existing one as well as those plays filtering role only) enter image description here
  3. Results

enter image description here


Ok this might help anyone else that gets stuck, you basically need to make sure you add this section to your site:

goto: Site> Presentation > Available Renderings> (add the section and the applicable renderings)

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