Is it supported to add the same rendering to two (or more) different cache settings items?

Currently, there is no warning if you do so, but I'm unsure if this is a valid thing to do or not?

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You can answer this question on your own by using DotPeek. The GetSiteLevelCaching processor in GetRenderingCaching pipeline is responsible for processing those items. The code looks like this:

public void Process(GetRenderingCachingArgs args)

    var renderingId = args.Rendering.RenderingItem?.ID.ToString() ?? args.Rendering.RenderingItemPath;
    foreach (Item cacheSetting in cachingFolder.Children)

        if (!cacheSetting[Templates.CacheSettings.Fields.Renderings].Contains(renderingId))

        PopulateCacheOptions(args.Rendering, cacheSetting);
        args.Rendering[Constants.InheritedCaching] = "1";


As you can see, there is a break statement in the main loop. That means that when there is a CacheSetting item which will contain current rendering, we will read caching settings and break the loop. In other words - only the first CacheSetting item containing particular rendering will be processed.

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