Have a blank Sitecore 9 sandbox setup running SXA 1.7 & a new custom theme. Exported and began setting up Creative Exchange. However, I get this error every time and SASS won't compile:

    Error in plugin "sass"
Error: Base-level rules cannot contain the parent-selector-referencing character '&'.
        on line 1 of sass/styles/file-list/documents-with-links.scss
        from line 62 of sass/component-file-list.scss
>> &.file-list-files {

Ironically enough, removing the & and re-running the compiler just gives me a new SASS error about a missing variable. So there seems to be a lot of bugs in these files, unless I'm missing something very obvious. Seems like this is isolated to this particular file. Any thoughts or pointers would be very appreciated.

  • We didn't observe such an issue in the past. Maybe it is related to different Node.js or npm versions. – Dawid Rutkowski Oct 15 '19 at 9:27

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