There is a rendering parameter template Background Properties and it has a field Background Class.

Rendering Parameter Template (Background Properties)

-Field (Background Class)

When rendering control properties are opened. Then I need to read the Datasource item attached and set the Background Class value.

enter image description here

For example when Datasource A is selected then I need to read a multilist field from DataSource A and set the selected multilist item value in the Background Class field.

DataSource A
Multilist field : Classes
Selected : Blue

If DataSource B is selected then read the multilist field from Datasource B and get the selected multilist item. Set that to Background class rendering parameter template field

DataSource B
Multilist field : Classes
Selected : Yellow

Which pipeline to use in order to achieve this?

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • how is the field selected on the Datasource item? – Richard Seal Oct 24 at 12:59

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