I have created the blog component based on the below link


Somehow, the filter does not work using the SXA tags.

What I have done:

Created Blog Module

Created Blog home and Blog post templates

Created partial and page designs

Used Tag cloud rendering for the blog category based on tags for blog base partial design

Used search results rendering to display list of blog posts

The Load more is implemented to display 12 results on page load and 12 more every click.

Issue: The blog post search results are not getting filtered based on the tag filter selected.

The tag was appearing in URL with hash tag #SxaTags=home loans but the same url param is not hitting in ajax call that is hitting to render the search results.

Blog Landing page URL: https://domain/global/Blog-Root

Blog Filtered URL: https://domain/global/Blog-Root#SxaTags=financial%20planning

The below ajax URL doesn't change at all for the tag filter based search and returns the same results everytime.

Ajax Request URL: https://domain/global/sxa/search/results/?s={B862EBF3-0E31-4886-AAF4-DA1CCCBE525B}&itemid={DAC6B90F-DFFF-419F-A29F-18C09BC69ECF}&sig=article-search-results&p=12&o=Published%2CDescending&v=%7B2F0BD790-9E23-4DC2-9B6D-DBC64717A715%7D

enter image description here

Is there anything that is missing here?



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