I am using Sitecore 9.0.2. I am using Update Contact details on submit button in forms to update facets in xDB. I am getting below error while I am submitting the form, it was working before.

ManagedPoolThread #14 20:53:22 DEBUG [Analytics]: Cannot submit pending item: Sitecore.Analytics.DataAccess.XdbUnavailableException: xDB unavailable ---> Sitecore.XConnect.XdbCollectionUnavailableException: {
  "Message": "Operation failed: One or more dependencies failed"
   at Sitecore.Xdb.Common.Web.Synchronous.SynchronousExtensions.SuspendContextLock[TResult](Func`1 taskFactory)
   at Sitecore.XConnect.Client.XConnectSynchronousExtensions.SuspendContextLock[TResult](Func`1 taskFactory)
   at Sitecore.XConnect.Client.XConnectSynchronousExtensions.Get[TEntity](IXdbContext context, IEntityReference`1 reference, ExpandOptions expandOptions, TimeSpan timeout)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.XConnectDataAdapterProvider.GetContactByIdentifier(IXdbContext xdbContext, String source, String identifier)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.XConnectDataAdapterProvider.ExecuteWithExceptionHandling[T](Func`2 func)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.XConnectDataAdapterProvider.ExecuteWithExceptionHandling[T](Func`2 func)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.XConnectDataAdapterProvider.<>c__DisplayClass15_0.<LoadContact>b__0()
   at Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounters.OperationPerformanceMonitorExtensions.Monitor[T](OperationPerformanceMonitorBase monitor, Func`1 operation)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Data.ContactRepository.LoadContact(ID contactId)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Data.ContactRepository.MergeTemporaryContact(Contact contact)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Data.ContactRepository.SaveContact(Contact contact)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Data.DataAccess.SubmitQueue.ContactSubmitQueueEntry.Submit()
   at Sitecore.Analytics.SubmitQueueService.WakeUp()

And Experience Profile also throwing error

enter image description here

Server Details

  • 4 CD Server
  • 1 CM Server
  • 1 Reporting Server
  • 1 Solr server
  • 1
    Where do you have xConnect role configured? Is connection string to xConnect correct? Seems your xDB / xConnect server is down or you have misconfigured connection string to it based on this exception Sitecore.Analytics.DataAccess.XdbUnavailableException: xDB unavailable – Peter Procházka Nov 13 '19 at 9:35
  • I am able to connect xConnect – Swati Gupta Nov 13 '19 at 9:45
  • Did you check if xConnect certs are valid and installed correctly? – Surya Nov 13 '19 at 13:52
  • Yes Certificates is valid – Swati Gupta Nov 14 '19 at 2:18
  • @SwatiGupta: Have you been able to fix it? I am also getting the same error while adding a contact. Though no error in the Experience Profile. – NutsAndBolts Nov 18 '19 at 13:11

Can you check for any unused certificates in your current-user certificate store. If there are unused certificates, can you remove them and try. Thanks

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  • Yes I have checked that but did not find any unused certificates – Swati Gupta Nov 15 '19 at 5:13

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