I am getting below error while trying to Build my TDS project - Common.Website.TDS using msbuild task in Azure DevOps CI -

packages\HedgehogDevelopment.TDS.\build\HedgehogDevelopment.TDS.targets(681,5): Error MSB4044: The "BuildItemWebDeployFiles" task was not given a value for the required parameter "SolutionConfig".
Process 'msbuild.exe' exited with code '1'

Please suggest how to resolve this error.

  • How do you execute script PublishWebDeploy.ps1? What are parameters? Nov 13 '19 at 14:07
  • Hi @Peter, we are getting this error in the msbuild task of Azure devops CI pipeline. We are far from executing the ps1 script which will be part of Azure devops CD task.
    – NewbieHere
    Nov 13 '19 at 14:25
  • Hi @NewbieHere Can you describe more in detail your CI Pipeline within your question? This will help somebody to identify their problem in the future Nov 13 '19 at 14:29

The error got resolved by adding parameters - /p:SolutionConfig = packages.config file with full path

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