I've noticed in Sitecore 9 (at least through 9.1.1) that the value of <param desc="core> is based on the prefix you use during installation (IE, if you chose "local" as a prefix, the core is called "local_master_index"). This is then written into the config files in App_Config/Include/Sitecore/ContentSearch for you.

I'm trying to set up a foundation layer config to auto-register a rebuild core for the master/web indexes. My default approach to this has been to use <param desc="rebuildcore" patch:after="*[@desc='core']">$(id)_rebuild</param>, but it occurs to me this is technically incorrect if you just copy the cores on Solr and append "_rebuild" to them as many documents suggest...in my example, the rebuild core on Solr is local_master_index_rebuild, but Sitecore will be looking for sitecore_master_index_rebuild.

I know it's as easy as using the ID name for the rebuild core on Solr, but I was wondering if there was a programmatic way to take the value from the "core" param and apply it to the "rebuildcore" param on the fly, like you use $(id) as a replacement value?


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