what version of log4net is Sitecore.Logging.dll branch/fork based upon?

There is a locking bug in log4net which affects version 1.2.10


Which was fixed in version 1.2.14 & 1.3.0


Looking to confirm the version that Sitecore uses, to make sure it's not affected.

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    I don't recall seeing the version number exposed anywhere publicly. Since it's rolled into a Sitecore assembly it would be best to submit a support ticket. Once you have your answer please specify with Sitecore version maps to the log4net version. Dec 3, 2019 at 20:22

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As far as I understand Sitecore initially used the same version naming for Sitecore.Logging as log4net. For example, when I look on Sitecore 6.6.0 rev. 120918 I see Same version is for example for 8.0 rev. 141020.

When you will look on different Sitecore.Logging assemblies on MyGet server you will see that that till Sitecore 8.2, log4net version was

It means that if you use old Sitecore version, locking bug will be there. For newer versions Sitecore started to use new naming convention and it is hard to identify what log4net version is baked inside.


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