I am trying to customize the HyperLink Manager in Rich Text Editor to add some extra fields.

Sitecore version: 9.2

I followed these two articles:



I added LinkManager.ascx to the solution (following the sitecore shell folder hierarchy). Then, I added the new fields that I wanted to add. After that, I deployed the LinkManager.ascx to the local website. I don't see the newly added field in the Hyperlink Manager dialog box.

enter image description here

Please let me know if I am missing something. Any help, suggestions or insights with be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I am posting answer hoping it may help someone in future. So when I deployed LinkManager.ascx to the local site in this folder \sitecore\shell\Controls\Rich Text Editor\Dialogs, I still hadn't pointed to this LinkManager to be used, thus sitecore was still using Telerik.Web.UI's Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.DialogControls.LinkManager.ascx (found in Telerik.Web.UI>Resources)

Now, in \sitecore\shell\Controls\Rich Text Editor\EditorPage.aspx, I pointed to the desired LinkManager's path. i.e ExternalDialogsPath="~/sitecore/shell/controls/rich text editor/Dialogs/" enter image description here

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