I've set up a Sitecore 9 instance in Scaled-Multisite Environment. I sent an email campaign through the EXM but I got an error when I tried to click on the link inside the body email.

Error in frontend enter image description here Error in log enter image description here

I got this error when I tried to click url with this format <CD-URL>/sitecore modules/Web/EXM/RedirectUrlPage.aspx?ec_eq=XX

But when I tried to access the url with <CM-URL> it's redirected properly.

Things I've tried

  • Check on CD and CM exm.master connectionString - ensuring it's same and can connect.
  • Check on CD and CM EXM.CryptographicKey and EXM.AuthenticationKey - ensuring it's same value.
  • Create specific hostname mapping under /sitecore/system/Settings/Email/System/Hostname Mappings with Original Url : <CM-URL> and Public Url : <CD-URL>
  • Ensure Base Url field in Email Manager Root is <CD URL>
  • hey, how did you fix your issue? Nov 12, 2020 at 8:29
  • @RosenPetrov I never solved the issue, at the end I put the direct link into the email. Not the /sitecore modules/Web/EXM/RedirectUrlPage.aspx.
    – Cuppyzh
    Nov 12, 2020 at 8:44

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Please also check your settings on the manager Root:

Manager Root Settings

They are used how the links in the mails are generated.

Base Url should point to your live-url, Preview base URL should point to your CM-Instance.

Best regards Dirk


My assumption would be tha there is an item or a template change, which is not published to CD Server. It works on CM and you get a nullreference exception on CD Server.

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