I am trying to fetch all the renderings of a global item programatically and want to pass those renderings to another item without adding anything in the presentation

I have already tried ItemRendering which is working only for static renderings and is not working for dynamic renderings at all.

I have tried the below code in the page layout which works for static renderings, but is not fetching the dynamic renderings which are having a data source specified in those and have been using the dynamic placeholders.

@Html.Sitecore().ItemRendering("Item ID")

I have tried the code given in the below blog post.

Is it possible to get page rendering result programmatically ?

When I debug this, it shows me all the rendering on the global item, however it is not returning all those renderings as a HTML where I want to display those.

Our main motive is to get the complete rendering result (static and dynamic) so that I can use it at different places.


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