Sitecore 9.1 with a Sitecore forms(v 9.1)

We have a requirement to add buttons (like Google Drive or Dropbox) to the Forms which will work similarly to the File Upload element available in the OOTB Forms elements.

Are there any Form extensions that can help? (I have reviewed some but that didn't help)

Is it possible to add custom buttons? If yes, can you give some suggestions?


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Yes, you can do it. Follow the steps:

  1. Create a new View (.cshtml) on <webroot>\Views\FormBuilder\FieldTemplates
  2. For a button, I recommend cloning the <webroot>\Views\FormBuilder\FieldTemplates\Button.cshtml and customizing according to your needs.
  3. Create a new item at /sitecore/system/Settings/Forms/Field Types/ and refers the View created in step 2.

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