I have created a new SXA site (using Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.1 rev. 161004 for 8.2.zip) and I've created several different pages (inside of Content Editor). I'm trying to use the Navigation component to provide a sub-navigation menu. So I go to the Control Properties, and go to the Navigation Settings to select a Start Page. When I click on the down arrow to select my start page, none of the pages show up underneath my Home node. Here's what I'm seeing: Missing Web Pages

  • Is there some kind of security that I bypassed when creating those pages in content editor?
  • How can I get any pages to show up underneath the Home node?
  • Could you attach a screenshot or tell us what you see while selecting Start Page? Is there Home item only? Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 22:31
  • I added the pages by simply right-clicking on the Home Page and clicked on the Insert -> Page item. This ended up using the /sitecore/templates/Project/Enterprise/Page - {86358F86-EAFA-42D8-B05A-91806F5A53F0} template. The Enterprise part in the path is the name for the Tenant that I chose. That page is based on the /sitecore/templates/Foundation/Experience Accelerator/Multisite/Content/Page template. Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 22:41
  • Thanks for the Information, Solution worked ...!! Commented Apr 23, 2020 at 5:58

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Answer 1

No there is no security. You did everything fine


When you open following item: /sitecore/templates/Feature/Experience Accelerator/Navigation/Rendering Parameters/Navigation/Navigation Settings/NavigationRoot you will notice that inside Source field there is following token query:$home.

This token should be resolved to start item of your site. Nothing else special here, standard Droptree field with dynamic source

Answer 2

My theory is that you created your site on SXA 1.0.

There was an issue in site scaffolding and not all fields were populated correctly.


Navigate to your site definition item (/sitecore/content/Group/Tenant/site/Settings/Site Grouping/site) and make sure that Start Item field is set.

enter image description here

I suppose that in your case it is not, thus you can see not your Home item but default Sitecore Home item because $home token in Navigation Rendering Parameters was incorrectly resolved.

You can also notice that by looking at the Home item icon as well. SXA home template icon is slightly different.

Closing Words

In SXA 1.1 this issue has been resolved and you no longer need to define Star Item manually.

Additional solution

This solution is for people who could not solve their issue with the solution provided above.

There is some rare case when, even if you have got everything configured properly your site is resolved incorrectly, thus some functionalities might not work as expected (navigation is a great example).

How do I know if I am experiencing that extra case

Assuming that you configured everything like I described above and you open a page using Experience Editor button from Content Editor and gets sc_site query parameter with website value or value different than your site definition item name then you've got a problem.

How to mitigate this:

To mitigate that issue you have to reconfigure standard Sitecore website a little bit. What we want is rootPath property cannot be a substring of any other SXA based sites rootPath.

Default value isrootPath="/sitecore/content" and we need to make it more unique, for example rootPath="/sitecore/content/default".

Then you have to create any item under /sitecore/content and move default Sitecore Home item there.


This is a workaround for a small issue that we've found with @keith-vanderveen in site info resolution logic.

This issue should be fixed in the next release of SXA.

Affected versions:

SXA 1.0, SXA 1.1

  • I'm using Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.1 rev. 161004 for 8.2.zip. I should have specified that in the OP. I am seeing the Start Item defined properly. The Home item icon information is very helpful. Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 23:02
  • So your problem still exist or after changing it everything works fine? Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 23:08
  • The problem still exists. The values that you said should be there were already there. Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 23:11
  • I've another theory. Could you invoke this piece of code in SPE? [Sitecore.Sites.SiteManager]::GetSites() and let me know what is the order of sites. What we need to know is whether website site is the last site after your sites (should be before schedule, system, publisher Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 23:30
  • website is the last site before scheduler, system, and publisher. It is also listed after my website. Thank you for your help! Commented Nov 8, 2016 at 23:44

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