Environment details: Sitecore 9.0.2 with Solr and GlassMapper

I am using the method:

  public IEnumerable<TModel> GetAll<TModel>(string query, string language) where TModel : class
            return _service.GetItems<TModel>(new GetItemsByQueryOptions() { Query = Query.New(query), Language = LanguageManager.GetLanguage(language) });

The method calls:

IEnumerable<T> GetItems<T>(GetItemsOptions options) where T : class;

of ISitecoreService of GlassMapper.

Then I check the response for null and get that it is not null.

Query I am using:

/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions//*[@@templateid='{28103498-4995-4000-a0db-1d3c2a757c79}' and @@ServiceName=31597]

ServiceName is the name of the field I am looking for value 31597.

Further when I try to get the Count() or Any() on the search result, I never get the response back.

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I think your code has to be modified a little bit:

  • field names in Sitecore Query should have the only one @ character, the ServiceName field value has to be in quotes and templateid with uppercase A-F letters
/sitecore/content/Global Repository/Regions//*[@@templateid='{28103498-4995-4000-A0DB-1D3C2A757C79}' and @ServiceName='31597']
  • if the items that you expect to read have only shared fields, there is no need to specify a language. You have to set VersionCount to false instead.
return _service.GetItems<TModel>(new GetItemsByQueryOptions() { Query = Query.New(query), VersionCount = false });

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