I have just started working with sxa. I installed sxa 1.8 with sitecore 9.1. I have created one header partial design and one landing page design. I have selected this page design into home page of my site. But the rendering which I have selected in partial design is not getting display. If I add rendering directly to the page, it works. Please suggest. Thanks.

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    Is your partial design selected in the page design?
    – Gatogordo
    Dec 20 '19 at 15:38
  • Yes, it is selected.
    – Mangesh
    Dec 20 '19 at 16:08
  • could you check if you have selected the shared layout or the final layout May 18 '20 at 23:17

I guess, I got the root cause. I had site definition in config file. Sxa will look for site definition inside the setting item of site and sxa will get error if you have same site definition in config file. This should be log in the log file

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