I need to migrate data from one database say migration DB to master database using powershell scripts.

I have the migration database(client's database copy) .bak file of sitecore 8.2 and have restored the database on my local instance(sitecore 9.1.1) and I can view it in sitecore instance by switching the databases.

I want to copy some items like news and articles of migration DB to master database via powershell scripts. The news template of migration DB is slightly different(different field names) than that of master DB. The items are more than 40k.

By doing some googling I have found how the items can be copied/moved from one path to other path, but in same DB say master. I have gone through the listed links and few others too:

Migrating content from sitecore 7.2



I need some inputs on how it is possible to copy migration DB' some items to master DB .

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    With the databases attached you should be able to use Copy-Item. – Michael West Dec 24 '19 at 12:54

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