I am using sitecore 9.3 and was trying to add configuration for dependency injection of the implemented repository as below:

    serviceType="projectname.IRepository[[projectname.models.model1, projectname]],projectname" 
    implementationType="projectname.Repositories.Repository[[projectname.Models.model1, projectname]],projectname" />

But this doesn't work except after adding "`1" to the interface and the repository names as below:

    serviceType="projectname.IRepository`1[[projectname.models.model1, projectname]],projectname"
    implementationType="projectname.Repositories.Repository`1[[projectname.Models.model1, projectname]],projectname" />

I want to know what this character "`1" represent, any one can advise?

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"`1" is not Sitecore specific. It's how generic type names in .net can be encoded.

The number after "`" character (arity) stands for the number of generic parameters

E.g. "List`1[string]" means that it's a generic List type with 1 parameter of type string.

and "Dictionary`2[string, int]" stands for a generic Dictionary with 2 parameters where first one is a string and second one is an int.

You can read more in ECMA-335: "II.9 Generics" chapter

  • Thanks a lot for your clarification
    – NAli
    Commented Jan 12, 2020 at 14:11

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