I have created the "CLIENT and SSL" certificates using createcert.json for SIT environment with sitecore 9.1.1 XP1 installation.

I hope these certificates should be provided by the company(infra team) for the production environments. If not then can we use the client certificate created using createcert.json by developer in production environment?

Can we use the single CLIENT certificate for all the sitecore installation in below?

note: In Below all rep and proc and xconnect related instance will be installed in different server

  1. XConnect-xp1-collection.json
  2. XConnect-xp1-collectionsearch.json
  3. XConnect-xp1-referencedata.json
  4. XConnect-xp1-marketingautomation.json
  5. XConnect-xp1-marketingautomationreporting.json
  6. xconnect-xp1-CortexProcessing.json
  7. xconnect-xp1-CortexReporting.json
  8. sitecore-xp1-rep.json
  9. sitecore-xp1-prc.json
  10. IdentityServer.json
  11. sitecore-xp1-cm.json
  12. sitecore-xp1-cd.json

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Yes, you can use self-signed client certificates in the production environment. They are just for authentication purposes only. The server just uses it to validate that the request is from a genuine client(e.g. a server role).

Also, you can use a single client cert for all server roles for easy maintenance.

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