Is there a way to get child items from a droptree (itemlink) path in JSS using React without using GraphQL?

I see there are LayoutService but it only retrieves child from the contextItem or DataSource. I want to retrieve child item from the DropTree field on the template.

For example, I have Footer template where I have field Social Media Links Folder path which is DropTree field. So in JSS React code, I want to retrieve like

const Footer = (props) => {

  const model = props.fields ? props.fields : {}

  const child = model.socialLinks.children

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You can create your own custom resolver by inheriting RenderingContentsResolver Over ride ResolveContents method, get your data source item, which will have the droptree field. you can get the child/related items details and create your JObject item to return, as per your requirement.

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