I am having an issue with syncing new content using Sync content item API.

I tried to add the new country in Sitecore Commerce Control Panel and try to sync the content by following the document in URL below


After executing the ({{ServiceHost}}/{{ShopsApi}}/DoUxAction()) Sync content item api getting Ok Response. But new content items not synced in db.

Sitecore Version Used: 9.0.2

Sitecore Commerce Version Used: 9.0.3

Please let me know if any other information required.

  • Did you restart the Commerce Engine site after sync execution? You need to clean up Commerce Engine cache. – Andrei Paliakou Jan 23 at 10:46
  • @andrei : Yes i have clean up Commerce Engine cache and IIS reset. – Arun Chauhan Jan 23 at 12:36
  • @ArunChauhan Did you check if the content entity for your new country has been actually created in the ContentEntities table in the SharedEnvironment database by the sync execution? This is an example of SQL query to find the country "Italy": SELECT * FROM [ContentEntities] WHERE Entity like '%"TemplateName":"Country-Region"%' and Entity like '%Italy%' – Alessandro Faniuolo Jan 25 at 1:44
  • Can you post the response body after sending the {{ServiceHost}}/{{ShopsApi}}/DoUxAction() ,from postman – Abhay Dhar Jan 27 at 7:18

Worst case you can do this:

  1. Delete all entities from the ContentEntities table.
  2. Delete all Entities from CommerceEntities table starting with Content%
  3. Run Ensure-Sync Content to sync the whole control panel.

That usually always works for me as plan B.

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