I've been using these blogposts to translate the error-messages that Sitecore Forms uses into Dutch and German for our client. But I can't seem to find any Sitecore item or dictionary-entry to translate the error messages that come with the "E-mail confirmation" and "Password confirmation" form field-types.

The only thing I can see (using JustDecompile) is that the message that currently pops up seems to be the hard-coded ErrorMessage param of the LocalizedCompare attribute in Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Models.Fields.PasswordConfirmationViewModel and EmailConfirmationViewModel:

[LocalizedCompare("Value", TitleProperty="ConfirmPasswordLabel", OtherTitleProperty="Title", ErrorMessage="The {0} and {1} do not match.")]
public string ConfirmPassword

How would I go about translating those? We're on Sitecore 9.3


You need to create a dictionary item with the key: The {0} and {1} do not match.

enter image description here

You will see then the error message on the page :

enter image description here

I test in on 9.3 version.

  • Thanks! Too bad I can't have a different message for e-mail and password since Dictionary keys have to be unique.
    – asontu
    Feb 11 '20 at 21:17

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