We have a sitecore instance (xp0 for now) with an identity server. They are deployed to azure and belong to a private vnet.

Access to nodes is done through the application gateway. But because of those internal sitecore redirects I cant find the way to fix it:

For example:

  1. app gw url is "https://my-sitecore.test.com", identity server route is "https://my-sitecore.test.com/sitecore-identity".
  2. I navigate to "https://my-sitecore.test.com/sitecore"
  3. It redirects to "https://my-sitecore.azurewebsites.net/sitecore/client/Applications/Launchpad?sc_lang=en" and then to "/externallogin"
  4. Then it redirects to "https://my-sitecore-identity.azurewebsites.net/connect/authorize?client_id=...."

But it exposes all of those urls, and the plan is to keep them internal, only accessing the app from application gateway.

Is there a way to achieve it, or only option is not use the application gateway at all?

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  • Is it overkill to use application gateway for Sitecore CM ? and moreover you mentioned its is a private vnet – Abhay Dhar 2 days ago

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