I can't seem to get this config to work and serialize the nested except . The log always stops at Manager Root/Messages and then says master:/sitecore/content/Email Managers/Manager Root/Messages/2019 (bca49277-dcc4-40a3-a37d-03accc37b7b5) because Children of /sitecore/content/Email Managers/Manager Root/Messages/ excluded

Looking at examples from Unicorn GitHub it seems like this config should work. What do I have wrong?

<include name="$(layer).$(module).EmailManagers" database="master" path="/sitecore/content/Email Managers">
      <exclude childrenOfPath="/Manager Root/Messages">
         <except name="/2019/11/18T153450/MyMessage" />

I have tried removing the / at the start but same result. I have even tried just MyMessage in the name.

In case you want to see what the full path looks like /sitecore/content/Email Managers/Manager Root/Messages/2019/11/18T153450/MyMessage

On Unicorn 4.1.0 and Sitecore 9.1.1

Update It seems if I just do <except name="2019" /> I get 2019 and everything under it. But as soon as I do <except name="2019/11" /> I don't get anything.

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Ok the nature of the tree and how the config needs that setup just clicked for me. You need to walk each node of the tree via an exception.

<exclude childrenOfPath="Manager Root/Messages">
             <except name="2019" includeChildren="false" />
             <except name="2019/11" includeChildren="false" />
             <except name="2019/11/18T153450" includeChildren="false" />
             <except name="2019/11/18T153450/MyMessage" />

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