Is there a Sitecore supported or unsupported way of modifying html structure of Content Editor and Experience Editor for the purpose of supporting screen readers used for accessibility/visually impaired content authors?

For context this is a new project using Sitecore 9.3 and SXA. Horizon is not fully compatible with SXA yet so we need to support Content Editor and Experience Editor.

Simple example:

  1. Open Content Editor
  2. Edit a Page with content fields (title, description, body)
  3. Use a screen reader like JAWS to show all form fields
  4. It displays and reads a list of fields, but almost all of them show up as Unlabeled. So an author can't tell what they are editing.

Sample screen shot

Can we customize/hack with JavaScript the markup to make it more screen reader friendly?

Sitecore should be using labels: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_label.asp

Good example of what labeled forms look like: https://webaim.org/articles/jaws/forms.htm

Thanks for the help!

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