We are running 9.3 in an app service in Azure.

We have found a number of articles stating different things about logging in SC. Some say it's log4net, others say Serilog...

Since we cannot get to the log files in an app service, I would like to use Seq from www.datalust.co to aggregate our error logs from all our environments.

I have looked at the following article but this isn't applicable to 9.3

Use Seq for logging with log4net instead of text file

Any ideas of how to get this to work correctly?

Is it using serilog or log4net?

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The core Sitecore roles (content management, content delivery, processing, reporting) use log4net. xConnect, Sitecore Identity, and other Sitecore Host-based roles use Serilog.


Our solution wound up being more complex but I hope this helps someone looking to do the same.

So, we created a Foundation project for 'Logging' that we wrapped up the log4net source files into and were able to get it working, albeit not for all app services.


Needed to mod the event formatter

enter image description here

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