I am running into a wired issue with Include List while creating a campaign

  • I create contact list and segmented list and then try to create a campaign. When in the Recipients tab in campaign builder I can see the contact list and all segmented list in the Include List drop down. I can add and remove and add the lists back as many times as I want without any issues or they getting disappeared from the drop down.

  • Now when I come back the next day and I open up a draft campaign and go to the Recipient tab, I do see the lists I had selected yesterday but now when I remove the list and try to add it back I do not see it again in the drop down. Also If I create a new campaign I do not see any list in the drop down

  • If I go to Sitecore and make any changes to the list (the change can be as simple as adding a space to the list name) from /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Contact Lists/... and just save the list and go back to the Email Campaign and log back in and go to the Recipient tab I can see the list I just changed in the drop down and I can add and remove and add them back as many times as I want without any issues or they getting disappeared.

Seems like there is some indexing issue when I make a change and save the list is appears again in the drop down. Not sure why it gets removed from index after a day.


I'm guessing that you're referring to the initial dropdown list on the recipients tab of EXM.
enter image description here

I regularly see an incomplete lists of lists in that dropdown. I get around that problem by selecting the 'add existing list' option. That typically provides a more comprehensive list of lists. It also includes a search function, so you can search for the specific list.
enter image description here

I think the condition that you referenced is a SPEAK bug in Sitecore, as it shows up in other areas of the application.

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  • this is a sitecore bug. It seems like sitecore gets all the list from the sitecore_marketingdefinitions_master index and then shows only the top 10 and probably then filters them based on the logged in user. That is why when a remove a list it get removed and added to the last of the index and never makes it back to the top 10 results. I am trying to write my own custom code now because we do not want to give user the access to add from existing list because we want the lists to appear based on logged in user roles and not on read access – Renuka Mar 2 at 19:10

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