I want to display only the item name(not display name)in the content tree. I know one way is to select item key in the application setting option in Sitecore, but I wanted to know if this can be achieved through any configuration setting or through the pipeline as I don't want to do the same procedure manually in each environment.


This value is stored per-user in the user's registry.

You can edit the value from code like:

Sitecore.Shell.UserOptions.View.UseDisplayName = false;

Which in fact sets in in registry

Registry.SetBool("/Current_User/UserOptions.View.UseDisplayName", value);

If you want to set it permanently for all the users, you could use e.g. LoggedInProcessor - when any user logs in, change his value in registry.

How to achieve that? There is a similar question on SSE asking about using Shared Layout always which does pretty much the same what you need. It's answered by @Gatogordo here:


I won't copy the whole answer - you just need to use different key.

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