I have 2 multilist field in sitecore template. below is value of source property for field1 and field2 and I'm getting list of items to select right side.


field2[this particular item does not have data folder in ancestor]:
query:./ancestor-or-self::*[@@templateid = '{8B0F4199-34F2-4A77-8905-6C5560D77A10}']//*[@@templateid = '{9819B385-1250-48CC-8D2A-C8B60C745E1B}']

is there anyway I can use one filed instead of 2 and can get all list of items combined from both source in this multilist field and available to select right side.

Thanks in advance for all your support.


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You can achive the same by combining both the queries with "|" operator. In your case, the final query should be

query:/sitecore/content/x/y/website/Data//*[@@templateid='{E24AA906-8ED0-45E7-88C9-4499B0B6E22E}']|./ancestor-or-self::*[@@templateid = '{8B0F4199-34F2-4A77-8905-6C5560D77A10}']

This is a tested query and works fine. Let me know, if you face any issue.

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