We have an SXA site hosted in Sitecore 9.3, website browsing works fine. When we installed Horizon on Sitecore 9.3 and started it to edit a page, but the page keeps on reloading, the horizon page editor doesn't work.

Details: Sitecore version 9.3 / SXA 9.3 / SOLR - 811


Start processing HTTP request "GET" https://sc.dev.local/sitecore/api/ssc/horizon/sites/-/getsites?sc_horizon=api&IncludeSystemSites=False AuthenticationScheme: "OpenIdConnect" was successfully authenticated. Sending HTTP request "GET" https://sc.dev.local/sitecore/api/ssc/horizon/sites/-/getsites?sc_horizon=api&IncludeSystemSites=False Received HTTP response after 15.724ms - Unauthorized End processing HTTP request after 16.1106ms - Unauthorized Error in GraphQL query (parsing/system): GraphQL.ExecutionError: {"Message":"Authorization has been denied for this request."} Connection id ""0HLU729VKDO3D"" completed keep alive response. Request finished in 18.0592ms 200 application/json


This issue occurs if the Sitecore Identity Server provider is installed, but it has been disabled. The Sitecore Identity Server provider is enabled by default in Sitecore 9.1+ installations, but it can be disabled for example using the Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.IdentityServer.Disabler.config.example configuration file, provided as example in the \App_Config\Include\Examples folder in the Content Management application.

The Sitecore Horizon on-premises installation guide asks to have Sitecore Identity installed before installing Sitecore Horizon, in the Prerequisites list at page 2. It could probably be improved saying this instead:

  • Ensure Sitecore Identity is installed and enabled.

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