When I create a new campaign in marketing automation from blank and save it, Sitecore throws an error:

ERROR [Sitecore Services]: HTTP POST
URL https://sitecoreclean93sc.dev.local/sitecore/api/ma/plans/?cultureName=en
Exception System.ArgumentNullException: activityType should not be null.
Parameter name: activityType
   at Sitecore.Framework.Conditions.RequiresValidator`1.ThrowExceptionCore(String condition, String additionalMessage, ConstraintViolationType type)
   at Sitecore.Framework.Conditions.Throw.ValueShouldNotBeNull[T](ConditionValidator`1 validator, String conditionDescription)
   at Sitecore.Framework.Conditions.ValidatorExtensions.IsNotNull[T](ConditionValidator`1 validator)
   at Sitecore.Marketing.Automation.Extensions.AutomationActivityDefinitionViewModelExtensions.ToDomainModel(AutomationActivityDefinitionViewModel viewModel, IActivityDescriptor activityType, CultureInfo culture, IActivityConverterFactory`1 activityConverterFactory, BaseLog logger, Boolean validate)
   at Sitecore.Marketing.Automation.Extensions.AutomationPlanDefinitionViewModelExtensions.ToDomainModel(AutomationPlanDefinitionViewModel viewModel, IActivityDescriptorLocator activityDescriptorLocator, CultureInfo culture, IActivityConverterFactory`1 activityConverterFactory, BaseLog logger, Boolean activate, DateTime createdAt, DateTime lastModifiedDate, IAutomationPlanDefinition existingPlan)
   at Sitecore.Marketing.Automation.Data.AutomationPlanRepository.<Add>d__11.MoveNext()

Same error occurs if I use marketing automation campaign from template, edit it and save it. I have deployed marketing definitions and rebuilt indexes. What should I try to do next?

I have Sitecore 9.3 installed locally through Graphical Installer.

  • Just to confirm you're creating a new marketing automation and without adding anything to it you're seeing this error when saving? – Jen Mar 20 at 2:14
  • Yes. I even did a new clean installation of sitecore 9.3 again with graphical installer to make sure I havent broke something myself. Error occurs there too. So this error should be reproducable for everyone else. – Jon Koivula Mar 20 at 5:44

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