I am using Sitecore 9.3 and SXA, when I used the tag cloud with a searchresults component without having signature it worked fine but when I added a searchresults signature it stopped filtering in the following scenario:

I have only one search result in my page with search signature "mysearchresults" and i am using the tag cloud in another page and when i click on the tag cloud it redirects me to : {Site URL}/Search#sxatags=tagtest instead of : {Site URL}/Search#mysearchresults_sxatags=tagtest

in which the first URL is not filtering as it doesn't include search signature.

I tried to rename the name of SxaTags facet to my signature "mysearchresults_sxatags" it worked fine and the URL is changed to "{Site URL}/Search#mysearchresults_sxatags=tagtest". But this made another problem that the name of the signature is viewed in the page.

So, is there a way to append "#mysearchresults_sxatags=tagtest" in the URL while redirecting to searchResults page? or any other solutions?



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