We are using multisites with a single sitecore instance and single coveo source in the cloud but there are 2 same documents for each site but are having different computed fields.

So I have two computed field "productcatalogsubcategoriz122xation" and "anotherproductcatalogsubcategoriz122xation" pointing to the same reference field i.e "Product Sub Category " . And when I added it in the "Coveo Custom Facet" Rendering it is picking the first computed field but I want to use the second computed field in Model.

Field from "Coveo.UI.Mvc.Models.FacetModel" .


This question has also been asked on the Coveo Q&A forum, where an answer has been provided: https://connect.coveo.com/s/question/0D50d000070WHGkCAO/issue-in-getting-the-correct-modelfield-from-coveouimvcmodelsfacetmodel

Thank you


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