Hi i'm installing sitecore commerce in my local but after installation BizFX tool unable to open and getting bellow errors.

enter image description here

enter image description here


If you business tools is pointing to authoring (it should be)then:

  • Goto \CommerceAuthoring_Sc93\wwwroot\config.json. Look for AppSettings\AllowedOrigins, verify if the entry to your Business Tool's URL is in the list.

Also the urls are case sensitive, check for http vs https as well.

If it still doesn't work then time to look into business tools configs:

  • Update the BizFxUri parameter in SitecoreBizFx\assets\config.json in your BizFx instance

If still doesnt work, check identity server:

  • Replace the default URL (localhost:4200) in the RedirectUris, PostLogoutRedirectUris, AllowedCorsOrigins parameters in SitecoreIdentityServer\wwwroot\appsettings.json in your Identity Server instance.

Restart IIS, Clear browser cache (MUST after changing endpoints)

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