How can I create SSL certificate on my local machine for Sitecore websites so that if I bind it to that Sitecore website in IIS, browser should show it as a secure site?

Right now I created my SSL certificates using below command

New-SelfSignedCertificate -DnsName Sitecore.Tracking.Processing.Service -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My

Export-PfxCertificate -cert Cert:\LocalMachine\My\7777FB6C0248FD1D33D9D2F9D7A4828173DB13C6 -FilePath "C:\certificates\Sitecore.Tracking.Processing.Service.pfx" -Password $password

But browser giving warning for certificate and if I accept that certificate warning, then browser show my site but mark it as "Not Secure"?

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  • can you make sure you have installed it in Trusted Root Certification Authorities? May 7, 2020 at 7:54
  • Yes, its in Trusted Root Certification Authorities. May 7, 2020 at 8:10
  • If it is in Trusted Certification Authorities, can you make sure that you have selected the correct certificate from the IIS website binding? Also try to run the website is a private window. It should work May 7, 2020 at 8:16

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From Sitecore 9 onwards, Sitecore deliver createcert.json which is a Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) configuration which supports multiple versions of Windows (Server).

Run it like so:

scinst c:\path\to\createcert.json -CertificateName sitecore.tracking.processing.service

You then need to go to IIS Manager, find your website, Bindings..., and then set the SSL certificate to the one which has just been created by SIF.


You can download for this my GIST https://gist.github.com/x3mxray/0e4805002de6f43f5732c44f5de23d23

Extract files and change folderRoot, CertificateName, CertificatePassword in install.ps1 and run it:

# Path to this folder
$folderRoot = "C:\temp\install_iis_certificate"

$installParams = @{    
    Path = "$folderRoot\parameters.json"
    CertificateName = "sitecore.tracking.collection.service"
    CertificatePassword = "b"    

Push-Location $folderRoot

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @installParams *>&1 | Tee-Object install.log


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