As we know sitecore release security patches sometime which needs to be applied ASAP. Is there any way so that whenever any critical security patch is released by sitecore , we will be notified.

Do we need to keep an eye on below URL everyday




there is any kind of set up / notification we can enable

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    The RSS feed is the way I do it. It's integrated into Sitecore Slack #blogfeed channel. – Vincent Lui May 8 at 3:45
  • that blog feed contains lots of other notifications, Is there any way to get /set up only critical security updates email notification. The only other way we think is creating a console app( batch job ) which will hit RSS feed during some interval, read text( Critical vulnerability ) from <description> element and then send email notification – Sukhjeevan May 8 at 12:20
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    That security feed you provided should do it. You can just use any RSS feed reader. I believe Microsoft outlook has that capability. – Vincent Lui May 9 at 1:12
  • That's Correct @VincentLui MS Outlook has RSS Subscriptions feature. I added that RSS feed and got all latest emails from Security Bulletins but here I'm looking for a way so that an email should be triggered to myteam@company.com DL and everybody will be notified and take appropriate action – Sukhjeevan May 10 at 2:26

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