Our application is on Sitecore 8.2 Update 7 with TDS 5.8

We install TDS packages using TDS Package Installer

function doCustomContentManagementInstall() { param ( [string]$siteName, [string]$downloadsFolder ) try { writeLog -msg ("Installing content update") &"C:\Software\TDS\PackageInstaller.exe" -v -sitecoreUrl "https://$siteName" -sitecoreDeployFolder "C:\Software\TDSDummyFolder" -packagePath "$websiteDirectory\master.update" /quiet writeLog -msg ("Installing content-deployment update") &"C:\Software\TDS\PackageInstaller.exe" -v -sitecoreUrl "https://$siteName" -sitecoreDeployFolder "C:\Software\TDSDummyFolder" -packagePath "$websiteDirectory\content-deployment.update" /quiet } catch { writeLog("Failed on doCustomContentManagementInstall") writeLog -msg ($_.Exception) } }

The newly added content Items do not seem to be installed correctly on the server , the content Items are duplicated one with the correct Template type(correct), another of type Sitecore/Templates/System/Node (incorrect)

enter image description here

I have tried installing the .update package manually using the UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx, everything seems to be working as expected , i do not face this issue

Any pointers on why this could be happening would be great , than


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