Last night we encountered a yellow page that reads "Unrecognizable Guid format" and upon investigating, we found out that the web DB has an optimized min that has an English (United States) version but no English (region) version - which is the language our SXA site currently resides. So we republished the Theme and the yellow page is no longer.

Upon closer inspection, optimized.min has a version for each language possible. Was this intentional? Is there a way to disable this perhaps?


I don't think there was an intention to have this effect, it sounds just like a side effect of the CSS file being an Item in Sitecore. Unless you have language fallback enabled, trying to request any item that doesn't have a version in the specific language you are targeting will result in an error or an empty item depending on your config settings.

If you look at the Optimized File template, you see that its using unversioned media, so the Media object is marked as shared across languages, you can't have a unique version per language. But the item would need to have a version in the specified language to be able to get access to the media in that item.

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