Is there a way that i can Query Solr to get data based on a template. Then foreach of that data do a Sitecore Getitem and Update a field's value.


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I would first start with the following commands:

  • Find-Item : Use this to query the index
  • Initialize-Item : Use this to convert the data from the index into Sitecore items
  • The items that come back can then be managed directly like seen here

Example: The following example finds all items in the master index inheriting from the "Sample Item" template. Those items are retrieved and the title field is updated with the current date.

$criteria = @(
    @{Filter = "Equals"; Field = "_templatename"; Value = "Sample Item"; }
$props = @{
    Index = "sitecore_master_index"
    Criteria = $criteria

$items = Find-Item @props | Initialize-Item
foreach($item in $items) {
    $item.Title = "Current time: $(Get-Date)"

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