I have a JSS Tenant and Site working and Running. I created another Jss Tenant and JSS Site in it using Sitecore 9.3. Created a JSS App as i did before.

I created a new API Key for my second Site. Everything worked when I deployed it first time. I got site up and running. but then again when I tried to deploy its showing

Unexpected response from import service: Status message: Forbidden
 Body: Deployment not allowed; no secret set.

deployment secret is set, Graphql Api is working as well. I can't find what the problem is. I even tried to use first API key and again setup the JSS app to get new deployment Secret but nothing worked. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Let's see a copy of your deploy secret config. Does the name attribute alongside your deploymentSecret attribute match the name of your new site? Could this be a copy paste issue somewhere? Have you tried using the debugSecurity functionality as outlined at the bottom of this page? jss.sitecore.com/docs/fundamentals/services/app-configuration – Marcel 2 days ago
  • Thanks for your comment @marcel. yes it does match and I do have same deployment Secret in both the places(app config and Sitecore site Settings). I did not try debugSecurity though. Will try it. – Kanchan 2 days ago

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