I have converted to my code from Nsubstitute to Moq.


var item = Substitute.For<Item>(id, itemData, database); 
return item; 


var item = new Mock<Item>(id, itemData, database); 
item.Axes.Returns(new Mock<ItemAxes>(item)); 
return item; 

I am getting an error in the Moq sample code.


Of course, it is possible. Moq has a different API, so I'd suggest to start from this guide first.

This code sample configures item descendants to return an empty array:

var itemMock = new Mock<Item>(id, itemData, database);
var axesMock = new Mock<ItemAxes>(itemMock.Object);
var expectedDescendants = new Item[] { };

itemMock.Setup(i => i.Axes).Returns(axesMock.Object);
axesMock.Setup(a => a.GetDescendants()).Returns(expectedDescendants);

var actualDescendants = itemMock.Object.Axes.GetDescendants();

Assert.Same(expectedDescendants, actualDescendants);
  • Thanks much for your detailed answer. I fixed my code.
    – BalaSM
    Jun 4 '20 at 14:45

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