I am trying to deploy solution to my sitecore docker instance. Below is solution mapping code

    image: ${REGISTRY}sitecore-xp-standalone:${SITECORE_VERSION}-windowsservercore-${WINDOWSSERVERCORE_VERSION}
    entrypoint: cmd "start /B powershell Watch-Directory C:\src C:\inetpub\sc"
      - .\deploy:C:\src
      - .\data\cm:C:\inetpub\sc\App_Data\logs
      - "44001:80"

But, when I try to start the container I get below error message

Skipping start of 'Watch-Directory.ps1', to enable you should mount a directory into 'C:\src'.

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It looks you are using a legacy docker-compose file, probably used for an older version of Sitecore Docker images. In Sitecore Docker 9.2+ images, the web application files have been moved from the old C:\inetpub\sc folder to the C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder and new entrypoint scripts have been introduced as well.

To run Sitecore 9.3 images, you can use the docker-compose.xp.yml in the Sitecore Docker repository as example and starting point: https://github.com/Sitecore/docker-images/blob/master/windows/tests/9.3.x/docker-compose.xp.yml#L138

And then you should add the definition of your volumes (or bind mounts) in the cm container service:

      - .\deploy:C:\src
      - .\data\cm:C:\inetpub\wwwroot\App_Data\logs

The Development.ps1 entrypoint script used in the cm container service starts the Watch-Directory.ps1 script and also contains a retry logic to check and guarantee that the Watch-Directory script runs successfully.

entrypoint: powershell.exe -Command "& C:\\tools\\entrypoints\\iis\\Development.ps1"

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