How to connect Sitecore Rock to sitecore instance on docker ? does any one have experience ?

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I haven't personally used it yet, but I was able to connect successfully Sitecore Rocks with a Sitecore instance running on a cm service container following these steps:

1) If not done yet, add a volume to your cm container service to map the container C:\src folder used by the Watch-Directory script to deploy files in the Sitecore instance. For example:

      - .\deploy:C:\src

2) Manually create the following two folders in your host deploy folder: bin and sitecore. Sitecore Rocks validates their existance before installing the web service and the tool dlls used to communicate with the Sitecore instance.

enter image description here

3) In Visual Studio, create a new connection for Sitecore Rocks (the command is under Extensions --> Sitecore --> New Connection... in VS 2019), populating the following inputs:

  • Host Name: the domain and port of your docker instance (ie. localhost:44001)
  • Location: the path to the deploy folder (ie. C:\Docker\docker-images\windows\tests\9.3.x\deploy)

enter image description here

4) Click on the Test button. You might get a message saying that the website doesn't respond, asking if you want to start it without debugging. Select No.

enter image description here

5) A second message will ask you to update the server components. Select Yes.

enter image description here

6) A list of server components to update will be rendered, with a message alerting that the instance will be recycled due to the installation of new libraries. Select OK.

enter image description here

7) After the installation, you should get the confirmation message saying that the connection works:

enter image description here

The Sitecore Explorer will show the items in your Sitecore docker instance:

enter image description here


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