All Goals list view control in /sitecore/shell/sitecore/client/Applications/ExperienceAnalytics/Dashboard/Conversions/Goals shows only the latest 100 goals regardless of date range.

All Goals table

API request does not include any keyTop parameter, so it's not limited from the client:


I also tried changing keysCount parameter value in core database's item that defines setting for list control, but the changes had no affect (no parameter was added). The settings item that I fiddled with:

/sitecore/client/Applications/ExperienceAnalytics/Dashboard/Conversions/Goals/PageSettings/All goals - ExperienceAnalyticsListControl Parameters

If anyone knows how to view all goals (not just the latest 100), please let me know.


I think you need to patch the ExperienceAnalytics.Api.KeysTopDefault setting to modify the default number (100) of top keys results:

        The default value for keyTop query parameter.
        Default value: 100
<setting name="ExperienceAnalytics.Api.KeysTopDefault" value="100" />
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