I have Sitecore 9.3 instance with installed Sitecore Publishing Service 4.1.0 and Sitecore Publishing Service Module 9.3.0 - clear installations of all of them.

In Sitecore I have a custom publishEndResultBatch pipeline where I can catch published items and do something with them:

public void Process(PublishEndResultBatchArgs args)
    if (args == null) return;

    var items = args.Batch;

    var notModifiedItems = items.Where(_ => _.Metadata.ChangeType == ResultChangeType.NotModified);
    var notModifiedItemsCount = notModifiedItems.Count();
    var isRepublishAll = args.JobData.RepublishAll;
    // do something

The issue is that notModifiedItemsCount is always 0 and isRepublishAll is always false if nothing were changed, regardless what publish mode I use (even in Repair mode where full publish is executed). enter image description here I mean that if item has no changes since last publish, it does not included into batch that comes to publishEndResultBatch pipeline. But I need to know all items that are covered with publish. (For example, for Full site publish in Repair mode I expect to see all sitecore items).

Do I miss something or are there any settings in SPS/SPS Module that I can switch/enable to have ability to catch all processed items in publishEndResultBatch pipeline?

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