I have installed Sitecore Commerce 9.3 recently. I am not able to find any catalog items (Habitat_Master) under the storefront settings.

This results of giving some errors in Storefront site accessing sxa.storefront.com.

And all the other products buckets and catagories are empty. I am also getting an error 'Habitat_Master' is already associated with another item when choosing Habitat_Master in catalog configuration.

Please suggest me solution for this issue.

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Thanks !


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Make sure your catalog is not selected in path - /sitecore/Commerce/Catalog Management/Catalogs

enter image description here


Try the solution suggested over here: https://andrewsutherland.azurewebsites.net/tag/storefront/


Removing the lock can be achieved by executing the following script against the commerce shared database.

Update the database name and catalog friendly id values, in the highlighted lines, as appropriate.

USE SitecoreCommerce9_SharedEnvironments
DECLARE @catalogEntityId VARCHAR(MAX) = 'Habitat_Master';
DECLARE @modifiedEntity VARCHAR(MAX);
SELECT @entity = Entity,
       @uniqueId = Entities.UniqueId
FROM   sitecore_commerce_storage.CatalogEntities AS Entities
       INNER JOIN sitecore_commerce_storage.CatalogEntity AS Entity
               ON Entities.UniqueId = Entity.UniqueId
WHERE  Id = 'Entity-Catalog-' + @catalogEntityId
UPDATE sitecore_commerce_storage.CatalogEntity
SET    Entity = JSON_MODIFY(@entity, '$.ParentCatalogList', '')
WHERE  UniqueId = @uniqueId

Now that we have released the lock, we can associate the catalog to our site.

It worked for me for similar kind of issue.


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